नमस्कार मित्र आणि मैत्रिणींनो ... माझ्या ब्लॉगवर आपले स्वागत आहे..


"There She Is.."

She is standing alone
Not because
Others don't like her
Others don't love her
Not because
She is not worthy
Of good people's company

She is like that star
Shining in the dark night
With all its glimmer
And all its beauty
Homeless yet independent
But distanced itself
From worldly crowd
By indifference and determination
(like a forbidden fruit
for earthly people..)

Yet not lonely.

When time will come and
Her heart will long for love
She will walk down straight
She will mix in crowd
To find a shoulder to rest
To find a home to nest..!!


"Days will..."

Days will fly away
memories will fade
life keeps on going
bondage will melt

i wake up to each day
waiting for new sun
it will show up someday
making for dawn

silently i hope
memories should fade
bondage should go
tired body sleeps
for new one to be born..


"words for heavy heart.."

And sometimes
in one's life
there come season of
cold cold days of winter..
which may seem like
long long sleepless nights..
cold cold endless time......
sending chills in nerves...
one forgets self
trust merges in doubt
everything gets foggy foggy..
one loses own soul..
days of sorrow and sorrow..
in such cold cold days..
heart feels heavy..
and life seems hard..
just remember
never to neglect
such loved one in difficult times
just give warmth of love
and tell that
u still believe in him..whatever happens..